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We have three convenient locations in Miami-Dade County for all your car buying needs.

With hundreds of vehicles in stock and more arriving daily, each one prettier than the next, selecting a pre-owned car has never been easier. Enjoy the excitement of having so many to choose from, all in excellent condition with many in your price range. A member of our highly professional staff will work with your wish list to find the perfect car for you, at an affordable price. You’ll be beaming with pride as you drive your car off the lot. We promise!


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You’ll be amazed at the vast selection of beautiful pre-owned cars

We understand how nervous you might be shopping for a pre-owned car, but we are 100% confident in the quality of every one of the vehicles on our lot, not just our luxury vehicles, of which there are many. All our pre-owned cars, SUVs and trucks are in excellent condition, thanks to the highly skilled mechanics in our service department. You can be sure that the car we help you select is not only safe, but in excellent mechanical condition. We promise!


Sign and Drive!

Select the car you want and we’ll get you the financing.

We make the car buying experience exciting and easy, with a huge selection of vehicles for you to choose from and our commitment to find you the perfect car that meets your budget. Most people need financing and we’re already setup to get you the loan you need. We welcome first-time buyers, those with no credit or poor credit because we are confident in our ability to get you a great loan. We are committed to finding you a beautiful pre-owned car with the best possible financing to buy it! We promise!

Ambar Motors, Inc. is the best place to find excellent used cars in Miami and in the surrounding areas. Every single vehicle we sell is in excellent working condition, having been prepared for sale to the highest of standards. At our car dealership you will receive top-notch customer services with a broad range of financing options to fit any credit situation, our financing specialists are on site and prepared to offer the lowest lending rates currently available.

You will find cars in every price range, from cheap used cars to more expensive pre-owned cars. With an on-site service center you can be sure that your car is in top-notch condition when you take delivery. Our stellar customer service does not end when you drive off the lot because we consider you a customer for life and will continue to take care of your needs.


If you’ve never bought a car before and have no credit history, you can still buy a car from us! We have special bank financing available for First-Time Buyers that you can qualify for!

Buying your first car is one of the most exciting events you’ll ever experience. It also involves an important financial commitment, especially for first-time buyers. But there’s no need to worry – we’ll not only help you find the perfect car, we’ll also help you get the loan you need. We’re here to answers all your questions and offer our best advice to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our goal is to get you the vehicle you want with the best possible financing available.

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Auto Repair

Services offered

Check out the exclusive services offered when you buy your vehicle with us!
Battery Change
battery change

Dead or alive, we offer battery replacement on your vehicle.

Brakes Change
brakes change

Keep your brakes healthy and viable with full-scale brake service from us.

Oil Change
oil change

In need of an oil change? Bring it to us for fast and no-hassle service.