How can I finance my car for the first time?

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Looking for your car, but do not have a credit history?

At Ambar Motors we will help you finance your car quickly and easily providing you with useful information.

Initially you should look for a car that adapts to your needs for the next few years, Now we'll give you a list of items for you to consider:

  • 1 - What will be the budget allocated to your car?
  • 2 - You must comply with the driving requirements established by law
  • 3 - What are the needs that the car should supply?
  • 4 - You should perform reason on the car you want pricing, usage, needs, models, mileage
  • 5 - It's important to know what is your credit score, because you can determine how your vehicle will be financed.
  • 6 - Use our online calculator to understand the costs and benefits of making a down payment
  • 7 - After you've made this information clear, come to AmbarMotors, our consultants will help you make the best decisions for financing your car based on funding sources, in a short time.

Ambar Motros cares about you, that's why we put at your disposal advisors who will accompany you in the process of buying your car, explaining to you in a clear way, each step. If you have questions about the different types of credit you can use, we suggest you check out the practical guide to vehicle financing from the Federal Trade Commission.

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What will my vehicle down payment be?

Some dealerships handle standard vehicle financing practices, requiring you to deposit a certain amount of money at the time you buy the car, known as a down payment. Then you must know the type of financing and thus go to the banks, requiring the amount borrowed, where you usually must make monthly payments. Most financial institutions recommend budgeting no more than 15 percent of your gross monthly income for the monthly car payment.

Ambar Motors, is looking to help first time buyers, making a down payment not is necessary, but, if you do even a small amount is better that nothing at all, because reduce amount that you’'ll need to finance.

After learning the down payment amount, use our online calculator to get an idea of monthly payments and annual percentage rates. Depending on your budget, we offer different credit profile, so we work for your approval is successful.

Also, ask about great ways to save on used cars.

Can I finance through my bank or credit union?

Of course you can do it. All you need is to have the external financing and present it to our advisors at Ambar Motors. You may also submit an external financing offer to us within three days of your purchase, free of charge.

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What financial companies can I use to finance my credit?

Eight out of ten of our customers buy using financing offers that are based on these factors:
  • Car

    What type of vehicle do you want, considering its value, model, mileage, etc.

  • Tie

    Personal, employment and income information

  • Form with check mark

    Your credit history. This information is included in your credit file

  • Money

    The value of the down payment. Will you do it in cash?

We are sure that you will not find a better financial than ours, but, you can replace ours with another source of financing within three days of your purchase, without any cost.

What do I need to apply?

The pre-qualification process is done quickly and easily, using your mobile device or your computer:

We need:

  • Contact information, with address of residence
  • Employment information
  • Financial information
  • Your co-debtor's information

Ambar motors, always look for the best decision you can make to buy your car, that's why you will find in us the right answers to each of your doubts, without pressure. Buying a car allows you to discover different paths and invites you to experience different challenges, so we hope that it has become clear to you how easy it is to obtain credit for the first time.

You have the keys to your car and at the same time the keys to your dreams. You go after them, nothing will stop you now!

We look forward to seeing you in our shop.