Determining your offer

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We conduct a total inspection of your vehicle, so that the offer we will make regarding the condition of your car is consistent. In the case of minor imperfections, it will probably not affect the offer, but if the damages found are of great notoriety, it will.

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Come to Ambar Motors, in less than 30 minutes your car will be inspected and we will give you the final offer without obligation. If the offer is to your liking, we'll handle all the paperwork. Schedule your appointment on our website or contact our phone numbers.

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Ambar Motors consultants will give you a quote in minutes, offering you an adequate value for your vehicle, probably higher than others dealers or car buying services. We set our offers according to the market situation. Schedule your appointment on our website or contact phone numbers.



Our advisors will be available to answer your questions about the sale of your car, so you can have your money today. Come to Ambar Motors and in 30 minutes we will inspect your car, without obligation. We will give you a detailed explanation of the factors that are taken into account in conducting the inspection and offer of your vehicle. Our offers are not negotiable, because we are sure they will be the most favorable for you.