Exclusive Service

We care about quality service


Battery replacement

Ambar Motors cares about the maintenance of your battery


Brake check

It is a good idea to have your brakes serviced at least once a year


Oil change

Oil change is crucial to your car

Do you know why it is necessary to have the battery in good condition in your vehicle?

A vehicle battery has several important functions, such as storing energy and providing power to the starter, ignition system, fuel system and virtually all other electrical components during start-up

Do you know why it’s important to change the brakes?

If your car requires this service, Ambar Motors makes sure your brakes are serviced according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, including all replacement parts such as pads, drums and/or rotors

Why is an oil change necessary?

Oil changes are one of the basic services a car needs and wants, as oil will lose properties over time and miles, becoming more liquid and less effective when it comes to lubricating, cleaning action cooling and sealing the engine