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Our dealership stands out to give each customer outstanding service

We are focused on you

Our business model is focused on building and strengthening customer relationships like no other in the industry

Satisfaction guaranteed

At Ambar Motors, we are committed to continuing our long history of excellence in customer service

Serving for 24 years

With more than 24 years in the used-car industry in Miami, our reputation keeps us as the top choice of the South Florida community

We work with the best partners

We have strong connections that are beneficial for clients and dealers alike. Joining with industry pioneers makes for an added value for our customers and allows us to provide better services, products and customer interaction

Reputation, experience and quality

Trust us with all of your car needs and we’ll show you why we’re still here after 24 years. We know the state of your vehicle is the most important factor for longevity. We aim to provide you with the finest service to help keep your car in the best condition. Questions? Talk to any of our sales team members for helpful answers about all types of service.